I am also a fully qualified supervisor; I am trained for and enjoy both individual or small group supervision and can offer supervision to qualified and student psychotherapists and counsellors.

The purpose of supervision is to support the psychotherapist or counsellor so that their clients are well protected

My aim is to provide a secure, person and client centred, non-judgmental environment where supervisees may confidentially and safely explore their client work, without fear, for both their achievements and their less successful efforts.

This then allows congruence where mutual vulnerabilities can be positively and safely explored.

My integrative training allows me to use a flexible approach to all supervisees, whatever their theoretical framework. Supervisees are helped to find their own way of working whilst remaining ethical and successfully building their therapeutic relationships.
I am able to work with supervisees in many contexts, agencies, voluntary sector, NHS or private practice all requiring differing relationships and procedures.

My aim is to help supervisees develop their professional learning when they bring their client work which will then help to develop greater self confidence and increase personal self esteem .

I am able to offer supervision for therapeutic work in companies, NHS, schools, voluntary organisations, mental health, and all agencies working with abuse.
I am experienced in working with couples, adults, children over the age of 5 years and adolescents.

It is useful to have an initial free meeting where we can discuss our joint needs and expectations and decide if we would like to work together before we sign a supervisory contract.