Relationship counselling

Each person brings their own family, history, culture and experiences into a relationship; these can bring different rewards but may also cause obstacles to the vitality, intimacy and happiness of the relationship. It can be useful to explore individual backgrounds and identify old patterns of behaviour which may be impeding the current relationship.

I offer a safe, relaxed space where I do not take sides but remain neutral so I may support both individuals to explain their difficulties and express their feelings calmly without fear. I will not judge in any circumstances but aim to aid communication between the two of you.

Within the relationship there may be loss of trust, money problems, bereavement issues, betrayal, intimacy difficulties, and infidelity. There may be jealousy, anger, circular arguments, domestic violence or you might need to manage a separation or divorce. Counselling can help with any issues.

In our hectic and stressful lives we do not always listen effectively and communication suffers. Counselling can help clarify each person’s relationship needs.

Whether you have children or not couples counselling helps us to be more self-aware and improve our relationships within the family, extended family, friends and work colleagues.

Although preferable for both partners to attend, relationship counselling can still be effective if one partner is unable or unwilling to attend.