Frequently Asked Questions

How long are counselling sessions?

Counselling sessions are 1 hour and best arranged at the same time at weekly intervals; although we can be flexible when required. Sessions of play therapy are for 45 – 50 minutes according to the child’s tolerance.

How much are sessions?

Sessions are £45 for counselling and play therapy sessions, £50 for couples for the hour, £60 if a longer session is required. I have concessions for students and unwaged. It is good if you can give me at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel and then we can rearrange the session, rather than pay for an unused session.

How long will I need counselling sessions?

Counselling can be short term, possibly 6 or 8 or can be longer term but the decision when to come to an ending is yours.

Is everything I say kept confidential?

Anything you say is kept confidential unless I have serious concerns for your, and others, safety and for certain serious crimes. However, I would always talk to you before taking action. All counsellors take their client work to a supervisor; however, confidentiality remains.

What is the procedure for children?

I ask parents for history of the difficulties. I ask for contact details and consent signature. I invite parents to see resources before leaving. Confidentiality applies unless the child gives me permission to discuss what they have said.I ask parents and child to complete strength and difficulty assessments before starting therapy and if in school also ask teachers to complete one. This gives a good baseline and at the end of sessions we repeat these; often showing significant improvements in difficulties.

What do I tell my child before coming?

Obviously you know best but I ensure children know this is a pleasurable experience. I tell children mum/dad told me the child has had a tough time recently and deserves some special time. This keeps it general without mentioning specific problems.